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Introduction to Computer Science using Python
Fall Semester 2012/2013


MOED A grades are now avaliable

Dear CS1001.py students,

Final grades (anonymized, of course) are published in the "exams" tab.

A few things we would like to clarify:

1. The sum of points in the exam was 98. So everyone got 2 extra points in the exam grade, automatically.
2. The final grade is the weighted average of the exam grade (weight 0.78) and homework grade (weight 0.22).
3. Students with fewer than 5 passing HW grades, who did not have special circumstances that were explained to
us prior to the exam, got 250 ("lo hishlim"). This grade will not be altered by a Moed B - these students will have to take the course again and do the required HW.
4. Appeals – if you think the grader made an error, you may submit an appeal. However, remember that we may
regrade the whole exam, so the grade may also decrease. In general, appeals saying "10 points were deducted for this argument, but only 3 should have" are rejected. Appeals saying "the calculated sum of points is 43 while it should be 57" are accepted (if the calculation is correct).
5. We recommend to take Moed B only if you feel the grade you received in Moed A is 15 points or more below
what you honestly think your level is. Recall that if you take Moed B, its outcome will determine your final grade.
6. All instructions given for MOED A will hold for MOED B as well. The general structure of the exam will be similar.

enjoy the rest of the semester break, and best of luck with the remaining exams,

the course staff

(10 Feb 2013 13:41)

HW7 grades, tester and error table are published

last day for appeals - 9/2 (a shorter period than usual, since we want to be able to submit the final grades soon).

(03 Feb 2013 09:13)

HW6 Bonus grades updated

grades for the bonus exercise have been updated to include section A (the non competitive section).
the results of the automatic grading script have been uploaded, so you can check the performance of your code. for further details see the assignments page.

(01 Feb 2013 16:57)

HW6 question 3 b.ii - re-evaluation

Dear all,

The question dealt with lempel-ziv with repetitions of up to n-1, and no overlap. There were several interpretations for that section, some of which were not accepted by us at first. However, after discussions among us, we were convinced that these interpretations are indeed reasonable, and show understanding.
See HW6_Q3_B_ii.pdf, for comments about this question.
Points reduced for that section will be automatically returned.

The course staff

(01 Feb 2013 09:01)

3 short announcements before MOED A on 3/2

1. Note that the exam starts at 14:00.
2. The front page of the exam is published under the "exams" page. Please read it carefully, this will save you time on Sunday.
3. HW7 partial solutions will be published tomorrow (Friday) morning. Remember we will not accept late submissions this time.

See you Sunday,
The course staff

(31 Jan 2013 15:27)

Extra time for questions

Hi everyone, i have booked Orenshtein 103 this Wednesday, 15:00-17:00.
that session will be dedicated to open questions raised by students.

so come prepared with the questions you would like answered (otherwise there won't be much to discuss).

see you Wednesday,

(28 Jan 2013 11:21)

HW6 grades and errors are published

for the moment the grades do not include any additional points earned in the bonus exercise.
bonus exercise scores will be uploaded shortly.

Please note that the last day for submitting your appeals is 4/2/13.

the grades file was updated to account for recent appeals that were accepted (28/1 at 19:00).
please check the corrected file.

(28 Jan 2013 11:14)

HW7 submission postponed

Due to the final in linear algebra, we postpone HW7 submission to Thursday the 31/1 23:55.

However, we want to be able to grade it before the exam, so please do not use any grace days after the 31st.

The course staff

(21 Jan 2013 17:01)

HW5 proteomes - appeals

Hello all,

We decided to accept appeals for the "[" issue after all.

Those of you who lost points for this reason may write an appeal (after carefully running the tester file) and include a "print screen" in the appeal (as usual).

If you got your appeal rejected for the "[" issue only, you should submit the original appeal again, as is.

General note: We have encountered several cases of unjustufied appeals, submitted by students who did not run the tester, or did not look into what was wrong in their solution. Such cases will cause reduction of points from now on.

The course staff

(21 Jan 2013 16:46)

HW7 small change in question 2

Dear all,

In question 2 section a, we inserted a small change in the error-correction-code (see the revised hw7.pdf, changes are marked in red ).
The reason is that the previous code had d=2 (why?) and then the spheres' radius was 0, which kind of made questions GIMEL and DALET trivial.


(18 Jan 2013 07:40)

HW6 bonus winners are published

the full list of bonus winners has been uploaded to the assignments page.

we wish to take this opportunity to remind you that code for section A of the bonus exercise may be submitted no later than 21/1/13.

(17 Jan 2013 19:22)

HW5 grades and errors are published

Please note that the last day for submitting your appeals is 24/1/13.

(17 Jan 2013 18:44)

HW 7 is online

In order not to interfere with your exams, submission date is at the end of the semester (27 Jan). Given that you have 10 days for it, this is a relatively shorter exercise.

And now for the good news: we will consider the best n-2=5 out of n=7 exercises of each student (instead of n-1). However, we highly recommend not to skip HW7.

The course staff

(17 Jan 2013 09:39)

HW6 - Lempel Ziv Question

In HW6, question 3, section b(ii), the purpose was that the window in which we search for repetitions stays the same (4095). Since some of you were not sure if that limitation still exists or not, we will accept also answers that assume that there is no limitation on the window size.

(15 Jan 2013 19:51)

HW6 Bonus competition has ended!

the competitive part of the bonus exercise has now ended,
with 17 wrong guesses and 53 correct guesses, giving 53 students a 20 or 15 point bonus to the grade of HW6 (the first student to guess a picture wins 20 points, later guesses win 15 points). the last picture was correctly solved after 6 days.
a complete list of winners will be published shortly.

good job to all those who participated!

(13 Jan 2013 16:57)

Election's day consequences

Dear all,

Due to elections day, we will miss the recitations on the last Tuesday of the semester (22/1).
Therefore, we will move these recitations to the coming Wednesday (16/1) instead of the lectures.

So this is the schedule for the rest of the semester:
13/1-15/1 - lectures and recitations as usual
16/1 : no lectures. recitations for Tuesday's groups instead: Amir's group at 10:00-12:00, Ilans group at 12:00-14:00, both at Dan David 101.
20/1, 21/1, 23/1 - lectures and recitations as usual.

Happy election's day,
The course staff

(12 Jan 2013 21:59)

HW6 Bonus exercise

HW6 bonus exercise is now online and available at the home assignments page. the bonus exercise may be worth up to 40 points.
section B is competitive - the first student to guess right wins, so go go go!

keep track of the "HW6 Bonus - image status" table (found on the home assignments page). the table specifies which pictures have been solved and which are still unknown.

good luck,
the course staff.

(08 Jan 2013 01:43)


HW6 is now online.

(02 Jan 2013 23:15)

ציוני "נכשל" בתרגילי בית

יש מספר קטן של סטודנטים שהגישו את כל תרגילי הבית או כמעט את כולם, ובחלק מהם הציון שלהם הוא ציון נכשל (תרגיל
שלא הוגש נספר כתרגיל שציונו 0). על פי ההנחיות שפורסמו, תלמידים כאלה לא יוכלו לגשת לבחינה.

שקלנו את הנושא שנית ואנו מציעים לתלמידים במצב זה לגשת אלינו (אחד המרצים) לבירור המצב והסיבות לכישלון בהגשות. במידה
ונשתכנע כי יש סיבה חיצונית לכשלונות, נאפשר לסטודנט/ית לגשת לבחינה. ציון תרגילי הבית יושפע כמובן גם מהכשלונות.

בני שור

(02 Jan 2013 14:47)

HW5 revised version is online

a revised version of HW5 is now online. the revised version is meant to clarify unresolved issues that were raised in the forum. the homework assignment will be checked according to the instructions as specified by the revised version! it therefore takes precedence over the original version as well as any previous forum posts.

Note: places where the revised version differs from the original version are marked in red.

(25 Dec 2012 22:29)

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