Recitation Logs 2015a

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Number Topics Comments
1 Introduction, Python basics: variables, conditionals, loops -
2 Nested loops, lists, functions -
3 Binary representation of integers, Python's memory model PDF Common math identities
4 Complexity and O notation -
5 More Complexity
Lambda expressions and high order functions
6 Prime numbers and Diffie Hellman protocol
7 More recursion -
8 Object Oriented Programming, Basic data structures - linked list -
9 Basic data structures: trees
10 Iterators and generators
Digital image representation and processing
11 Image denoising (noise reduction)
String matching: Karp-Rabin
PDF Karp-Rabin summary
12 Text compression: Huffman and Lempel-Ziv -
13 Error detection and correction codes PDF Index code summary
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