Lecture Presentations 2019a
Class No. Date Slides Code + additional material Updated Topics
1 oct 22 PDF
11/10 15:30 Course administration

Python basics
2 Oct 17 PDF PY (uploaded after class) Python basics: variables and operators, conditionals, iteration, lists
3 Oct 21 PDF PY PY More Python basics, memory model
4 Oct 24 PDF PY lec4.py
PY collatz.py
24/10 9:55 (fixed small typos) The memory model (cont.), Containers, some exercises and HW1 tips
5 Oct 28 PDFPDF Binary Numbers and Iterated Squaring
6 Nov 4 PDFPDF PY PY PY Iterated Squaring (cont., slides of lecture 5); Binary Search
7 Nov 7 PDF PY PY Basic algorithms (cont.): Selection sort, merging sorted lists;
Crash intro to complexity
8 11 Nov PDF PY Complexity (cont.) ;
Lambda expressions and high order functions, numeric derivatives and integrals
9 14 Nov PDF PDF PY
PDF floating point representation
PDF NR formula explained
Floating Point Numbers; Finding Roots of Real Valued Functions: The Newton Raphson Method.
10 18 Nov PDF PY Recursion
11 21 Nov PDF PY PY PY PY Recursion (2): Quicksort, Mergesort, Towers of Hanoi, memory complexity
12 25 Nov PDF PY Recursion continued
13 28 Nov PDF PDF PY Recursion continued - the game of munch!

Testing and good style
14 2 Dec PDF PY Primality Testing and Key Exchange
15 5 Dec PDF PY PY PY PY Note: gcd not studied yet (postponed)

linkedList.py updated 11/12 (only the method delete)
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming; Linked Lists
16 12 Dec PDF PY PY Linked Lists (cont.); Binary Search Trees
17 16 Dec PDF PY 19/12 18:30 Dictionaries Through Hashing
18 19 Dec PDF PY Hashing (cont.); Iterators and generators
19 23 Dec PDF PDF PY PY Generators (cont.); Introduction to Text Processing
20 26 Dec PDF PY Karp Rabin (using last lecture slides); Huffman Compression
21 30 Dec PDF PY LZ.py fixed 4/1 18:00 Lempel-Ziv Compression
22B+23 2/1 + 6/1 PDF PY PY PY Error Detection and Correction Codes
24 8/1 PDF PY PY PY PY PDF BIT Some fun with colors: http://csfieldguide.org.nz/en/chapters/data-representation.html#images-and-colours Image Processing
25 13/1 PDF PDF Halting Problem and Course Summary
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