Lecture Presentations 2015a
Number Lecture Date Presentation Codezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Last Updated Topics zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
1 26 Oct PDF PDF 22 Oct Course administration; Python basics
2 29 Oct PDF 27 Oct Python basics (conditionals, iteration, lists)
3 2 Nov PDF PY PY PY 31 Oct Iteration over lists and strings; slicing; functions; mutable and immutable classes; equality vs. identity; Python's memory model.
4 5 Nov PDF 5 Nov More on functions ; numbers and their representation
5 9 Nov PDF PY PY 12 Nov Integer representation: Unary, binary, and other bases;Integer exponentiation; . An explanation of the binary number representation (in Hebrew) can be found here
6 12 Nov PDF PY PY PY PY 12 Nov Integer Exponentiation continued (using slides of lec. 5); Search ; Sort and Merge
7 16 Nov PDF PYPY 14 Nov Merge continued; Complexity and the O notation; Lambda expressions. High order functions. Numerical derivatives and integrals. Floating point arithmetic.
8 19 Nov PDF PY 18 Nov Floating point arithmetic (using slides of previous lecture). Finding roots of functions: the Newton-Raphson method.
9 23 Nov PDF PY 21 Nov Software testing, code styling. Trial division; Randomized primality testing..
10 26 Nov PDF PY PY 25 Nov Diffie-helman Key Exchange, Greatest Common Divisors
11 30 Nov PDF PY PY 26 Nov Recursion 1: Fibonacci, factorial, binary search, quicksort
12 3 Dec PDF PDF PY PY 4 Dec (typos fixed in #25, #31, #35, #37) Recursion 2: Merge sort, towers of Hanoi, towers of Hanoi nightmare, tail recursion.
13 7 Dec PDF PY PY PY PY 4 Dec Tail recursion continued (using slides of lec. 12); Recursion 3: memoization; Intro to object oriented programming. (slides #55-#63 were not shown in class)
14 10 Dec PDF PY PY 9 Dec Data Structures: Linked Lists and Binary Trees
15 14 Dec PDF PY PY 12 Dec Binary Trees continued (using slides of lec. 14); Hash functions and hash tables.
16 17 Dec PDF PY PY 16 Dec Hash continued, iterators and generators
17 24 Dec PDF PY PY PY 22 Dec Iterators and generators continued, Introduction to Image Processing
18 28 Dec PDF PY BIT BIT PY 26 Dec Introduction to digital images continued (Image representation; Image Processing; Synthetic images); Characters and Text Representation, Letter Frequencies in Text; Introuduction to String Matching
19 31 Dec PDF PY 29 Dec String Matching
20 4 Jan PDF PDF PY PY 6 Jan (fixed #30, #34) introduction to text compression; Huffman code
21 7 Jan PDF PY txt txt 5 Jan Lempel-Ziv text compression
22 11 Jan PDF PY PY 8 Jan Lempel-Ziv text compression continued; Introduction to error correction and detection codes; Examples of simple codes; Hamming Distance
23 14 Jan PDF PY 11 Jan Error correction and detection codes (continue); Hamming Code
24 18 Jan PDF PDF 15 Jan Limitations of Computation
25 21 Jan PDF PY 20 Jan Conclusion, recap; Example: n-queens problem
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