Lecture Presentations 2014a
Number Lecture Date Presentation Codezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Last Updated Topics
1 13 Oct PDF PDF 10 Oct Course administration; Python basics
2 16 Oct PDF 15 Oct Boolean variables; Conditionals; Iterations
3 20 Oct PDF PY PY PY 17 Oct Slicing lists and strings; Functions; Mutable and immutable objects
4 23 Oct PDF PY PY PY 22 Oct Functions and side effects; Integer representation: Unary, binary, and other bases
5 27 Oct PDF PY PY PY 25 Oct Integer representation: Unary, binary, and other bases; Time complexity; Trial division;
6 30 Oct PDF PY PY 01 Nov Integer Exponentiation; Prime Numbers and Basic Cryptography
7 03 Nov PDF PY PY PY PY PY 01 Nov Basic Cryptography; Integer greatest common divisor: Euclid's algorithm; Search in unordered and ordered structures
8 06 Nov PDF PY PY 05 Nov Search in unordered and ordered structures - sequential search and binary search; A gentle introduction to object oriented programming: Classes and methods
9 10 Nov PDF PY PY PY PY 08 Nov Recursion
10 13 Nov PDF PY PY PY PY PY 11 Nov More Recursion; Ackermann's function; The Hanoi Monster; Binary search, revisited; Tail recursion
11 17 Nov PDF PY PY PY 15 Nov The Hanoi Monster revisited; Tail recursion; Lambda expressions; Higher order functions; Numerical derivative and integral; Floating point arithmetic
12 20 Nov PDF PY 19 Nov Newton-Raphson's Method
13 24 Nov PDF PY PY PY updated 25 Nov PDF Linked lists; Detecting cycles; Trees; Binary Search Trees
14 27 Nov PDF PY PY PY updated 28 Nov Continuing Trees; Binary Search Trees (using the slides set of lecture 13)
15 4 Dec PDF PY 3 Dec Dictionary and Hash
16 8 Dec PDF PY PY PY 6 Dec Cuckoo hashing; Finite and infinite iterators; The halting problem cannot be solved by any computer program
17 11 Dec PDF PY PY PY 10 Dec The halting problem; Characters and Text Representation, Letter Frequencies in Text; String Matching
18 15 Dec PDF PY 13 Dec Exact string matching. Naive solution; a hash based approach; Karp Rabin randomized algorithm; An approach based on deterministic finite automata
19 18 Dec PDF 17 Dec Complexity Review (no slides); introduction to text compression
20 22 Dec PDF PY 20 Dec Huffman code; Codebook compression
21 25 Dec PDF PY PY PY 23 Dec Lempel-Ziv Compression
22 29 Dec PDF PY PY BIT BIT BIT 27 Dec Lempel-Ziv Compression (continue); Introduction to digital images; Image representation; Image Processing; Synthetic images
23 1 Jan 31 Dec Image Processing continued (using the slides of previous lecture)
24 5 Jan PDF PY PY 3 Jan Introduction to error correction and detection codes; Examples of simple codes; Hamming Distance
25 8 Jan PDF PY 7 Jan Error correction and detection codes, continued
26 12 Jan PDF PY 9 Jan Complexity of recursive algorithms - Review (no slides); Introduction to concurrent programming; Threads and locks; Example: Dining philosophers
27 15 Jan PDF PDF 14 Jan Web Data Management; Course Conclusions
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