Lecture Presentations 2013b
Number Lecture Date Presentation Codezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Last Updated Topics
1 27 Feb PDF 21 Feb Course administration; Python basics
2 3 Mar PDF 28 Feb Boolean variables; Conditionals; Iterations
3 6 Mar PDF PY PY PY 4 Mar Slicing lists and strings; Functions; Mutable and immutable objects
4 10 Mar PDF PY PY PY 10 Mar Functions and side effects; Integer representation: Unary, binary, and other bases
5 13 Mar PDF PY PY PY 12 Mar Time complexity; Trial division; Integer exponentiation; Fermat's little theorem, applied to randomized primality testing
6 17 Mar PDF PY PY PY 15 Mar Randomized primality testing; Diffie Hellman key exchange; Integer greatest common divisor
7 03 Apr PDF PY PY PY PY 04 Apr Integer greatest common divisor: Euclid's algorithm; Search in unordered and ordered structures - sequential search and binary search
8 07 Apr PDF PY PY PY PY 05 Apr A gentle introduction to object oriented programming: Classes and methods; Recursion and recursive functions
9 10 Apr PDF PY  PY  PY  PY PY 09 Apr Recursion and recursive functions: Quick sort, merge sort, towers of Hanoi; Pitfalls of recursions
10 17 Apr PDF PY  PY  PY  PY PY 15 Apr Recursion and its pitfalls; Ackermann's function; The Hanoi Monster; Binary search, revisited; Tail recursion
11 21 Apr PDF PY PY 19 Apr Lambda expressions; Higher order functions; Numerical derivative and integral; Floating point arithmetic; Finding roots of real valued functions
12 24 Apr PDF PY 24 Apr Newton-Raphson iteration
13 28 Apr PDF PY 25 Apr The dictionary problem; Hash functions and hash tables
14 1 May PDF PY 30 Apr Hash functions and hash tables; Resolving collisions by chaining; Cuckoo hashing
15 05 May PDF PY 05 May Linked lists; Detecting cycles; Finite and infinite iterators; Lazy evaluation
16 08 May PDF PY PY 07 May Finite and infinite iterators; The halting problem cannot be solved by any computer program; Characters and text representation: ascii and unicode
17 12 May PDF PY 12 May Exact string matching. Naive solution; a hash based approach; Karp Rabin randomized algorithm; An approach based on deterministic finite automata
18 19 may PDF PY 19 May Introduction to text compression; fixed length codes and prefix free codes; Huffman code
19 22 may PDF PY 21 May Huffman code; Codebook compression; Introduction to Ziv-Lempel compression
20 26 may PDF PY TXT TXT 25 May Ziv-Lempel compression
21 29 May PDF PY PY PY PY PY 28 May Introduction to digital images; Image representation; Image Processing; Synthetic images; Noise, and noise reduction
22 02 Jun PDF PY PY PY PY PY 02 Jun Image Processing; Noise, and noise reduction
23 05 Jun PDF PY PY 05 Jun corrected the title Introduction to error correction and detection codes
24 09 Jun PDF PY 09 Jun Basics of error correction and detection codes; Rate and distance of codes; Closest codeword decoding; Hamming (7,4,3) code
25 12 Jun PDF PY PY 12 Jun The hare and tortoise factor medium size numbers (aka Pollard's $\rho$ algorithm)
26 16 Jun PDF PY 15 Jun Introduction to concurrent programming; Threads and locks; Example: Dining philosophers
27 19 Jun PDF 21 Jun Geometric Hashing
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