Lecture Presentations
Class No. Date Slides Code + additional material Updated / comments Topics
1 Mar 8 PDF
PY ID.py
TXT log1
TXT log2
Course administration

Python basics
2 Mar 11 PDF PY sum.py Python basics (cont.): variables and operators, conditionals, iteration, lists
3 Mar 15 PDF PY palindrome.py PY xor.py lecture no.3 at video.tau.ac.il (choose school of CS, extended intro to CS). The first 17 minutes are reminders for last lecture More Python basics: slicing, functions
4 Mar 18 PDF

PY lec4.py lecture no.4 at video.tau.ac.il Python's memory model, Containers
5 Mar 22 PDF

PY power.py PY clock.py Watch lecture no. 5 at video.tau.ac.il (from 15.03.2020) Integer Representation (in Binary and other bases);

Integer Exponentiation – part 1
6 Mar 25 PDF

PY Pi.py PY random_walk.py Watch lecture no. 6 at video.tau.ac.il (from 13.11.2019) Integer Exponentiation – part 2

Randomness in Computer Science
7 Mar 29 PDF PY search.py PY select_sort.py Watch lecture no. 7 at video.tau.ac.il (from 17.11.2019) Basic Algorithms – Part 1: Binary Search, Selection Sort

Introduction to Complexity
8 Apr 1 PDF
PY merge.py PY highorder.py Watch lecture no. 8 at video.tau.ac.il (from 20.11.2019) Basic Algorithms – Part 2: Merge

Lambda expressions and high order functions
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