Lecture Presentations
Class No. Date Slides Code + additional material Last Updated Topics
1 Mar 15 PDF Course administration; Python basics
2 Mar 19 PDF PY
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14:00 16:00
Python basics (conditionals, iteration, lists)
3 Mar 22 PDF PY PY PY lists, iteration, functions, Python's memory model
4 Mar 26 PDF PY more on functions and the memory model; binary representation of numbers
5 Mar 29 PDF PY PY PY added slide 19 on April 15 Exponentiation: Naive vs. iterated squaring; Proving correctness via loop invariants; Measuring execution run time; Sequential vs. binary Search
6 Apr 2 PDF PY PY PY Basic algorithms and their complexity: Search and Sort; Complexity and the O notation.
7 Apr 19 PDF PY PY Complexity continued; Merging of sorted lists; Higher Order Functions and Lambda Expressions; Numeric Derivative
8 22 April PDF PY Fixed a few numerical errors regarding bounds on exponent, on May 35 Numeric Integrals; Floating Point Numbers; Finding Roots of Real Valued Functions: The Newton Raphson Method.
9 26 April PDF PDF PY PY Revised slide 23, on April 30 Newton Raphson Method; Randomness.
10 30 April PDF PDF PY PY PY PY PY recursive binary search code (bsearch_rec.py) revised. deterministic quick sort elaborated upon (May 4). Interim Summary; Testing; Coding Style. Recursion: Factorial, Fibonacci, binary search, quick sort.
11 3 May PDF PY Recursion 2: Recursion trees, Mergesort
12 7 May PDF PY PY
Executions in class:
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14:00 16:00
7 May - fixed recursion table in slide 7 Recursion 3: Leftovers from last time (mergesort, space complexity), Memoization, Hanoi towers
13 10 May PDF PDF PY PY PY PY PY PY Recursion 4: Hanoi towers code, Hanoi towers monster; Tail recursion; Ackermann function; Munch!
14 14 May PDF PY Number Theoretic algorithms: Randomized primality testing, and Diffie Hellman key exchange over insecure channel
15 17 May PDF PY
17 May GCD, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
16 21 May PDF PY Linked lists; cycle detection; the hare and tortoise algorithm
17 24 May PDF

25 May (some typos)

25 May (some typos)
Binary search trees

Hash tables
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