Home Assignments 2020b

Info and Regulations

Please read carefully:
1. HW info file
2. Appeal regulations file
3. HW checklist.

Important note: Clarifications appearing in the following table are obliging. After the problem set has been uploaded, we will not make any changes in it. Instead, if important corrections / clarifications are needed, they will appear in the table below.

A short questionnaire

The short questionnaire about the course procedures (in moodle) will add 2 points to the homework average, provided you will answer all its questions correctly.

HW sheets

Number Published Due Problem set additional files Clarifications and comments
1 Mar 11 Mar 25 PDF HW1.pdf PY skeleton1.py
TXT dorian_gray.txt
PY primes_lst.py
2 Mar 28 Apr 19 PDF HW2.pdf PY skeleton2_2020b.py
3 Apr 20 May 5 PDF HW3.pdf PY skeleton3.py
4 May 5 May 19 PDF HW4.pdf PY skeleton4.py
5 May 20 Jun 10 Jun 11 PDF HW5.pdf PY skeleton5.py
6 Jun 12 Jun 28 PDF HW6.pdf PY skeleton6.py
PY matrix.py
ZIP digits.zip
17/06/20 10:30: Typo in question 7 (b) was fixed - instead of boolean matrix it should be binary.
17/06/20 10:30: Added a binary option for the display function in Matrix.py.


Grades are in moodle.

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