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Info and Regulations

Please read carefully:
1. HW info file
2. appeal regulations file
3. HW checklist.

Important note: Clarifications appearing in the following table are obliging. After the problem set has been uploaded, we will not make any changes in it. Instead, if important corrections / clarifications are needed, they will appear in the table below.

A short questionnaire

The short questionnaire about the course procedures (in moodle) will add 2 points to the homework average, provided you will answer all its questions correctly. You have to complete it by March 22.

HW sheets

Number Published Due Problem set additional files Clarifications and comments
1 Mar 8 Mar 22 PDF PY skeleton1.py
TXT tom_sawyer_new.txt
13/3/15 14:25 : 1. The text file for Q3 was fixed. The new file is named tom_sawyer_new.txt. Make sure you download it!
2. In Q2 ignore the find method of class list. This function does not exist.
2 Mar 23 Apr 15 PDF PY skeleton2.py
3 Apr 15 May 3 PDF PY skeleton3.py 30/4/15 19:30 : In Q1 part B all occurrences of the variable l should be replaced with the variable lst
4 May 6 May 21 PDF PY skeleton4_new.py 10/5/15 11:35 : 1. is_prime method in the skeleton file was fixed and "import random" was added. The new file is named skeleton4_new.py. Make sure you download it!
2. In Q1 parts a(1) and c(1) you are requested to write in each node of the recursion tree the effective length of the list being called, that is, the number of list elements between index left and index right (including).
5 May 21 Jun 7 PDF HW5_new.pdf PY
PY test_for_q3.py
2/6/15 22:15 :
A new test for question 3 was uploaded (test_for_q3.py) supporting:
(1) Two possible outputs for question 3(f): either a list of tuples or a list of lists of length 2.
(2) Different insertion orders of items into SimpleDict will no longer fail the test.

An alternative URL for the book: http://tau-cs1001-py.wikidot.com/local--files/home-assignments-2015b/alice.txt

26/5/15 12:30 : In question 3(f) the output should be a list of lists of length 2 instead of a list of tuples.
22/5/15 16:30 : Corrections were made to question 3. Changes are marked in yellow. The new file is named HW5_new.pdf. Make sure you download it!
6 Jun 7 Jun 21 PDF PY skeleton6.py
PNG sample.bitmap
11/6/15 13:00 :
In question 2(a) prove that the inequality holds for every natural n >= 4.
In question 2(b) assume that the corpus consists of at least 4 different characters.


Grades are in moodle.

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