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Info and Regulations

Please read carefully:
1. HW info file
2. appeal regulations file
3. HW checklist.

Important note: Clarifications appearing in the following table are obliging. After the problem set has been uploaded, we will not make any changes in it. Instead, if important corrections / clarifications are needed, they will appear in the table below.

A short questionnaire

The short questionnaire about the course procedures (in moodle) will add 2 points to the homework average, provided you will answer all its questions correctly. You have to complete it by Nov 9.

HW sheets

Number Published Due Problem set additional files Clarifications and comments
1 Oct 26 Nov 9 PDF PY skeleton1.py
TXT wonderland.txt
2 Nov 9 Nov 23 PDF PY skeleton2.py Clarification to Q4 :
The function is_finite should should return True if the series is of type 1, and False if it is of type 2 (the last requirement did not appear explicitly in the question, only in the execution example). Note that in part Gimel, Amir suggests to return False in any case the series is not of type 1 (i.e. it is of type 2 or 3).
3 Nov 23 Dec 10 PDF PY skeleton3.py
4 Dec 10 Dec 29 PDF HW4_new.pdf PY skeleton4.py 14/12 10:20: Corrections were made to questions 2D and 5A in the PDF file. The new file, in which all changes are marked in yellow, is named HW4_new.pdf. Make sure you download it!
5 Dec 31 Jan 21 Jan 25 PDF HW5.pdf PY skeleton5.py
PNG sample.bitmap
6/1 09:20: The first and the last lines of the function **count_words from question 5 part B are missing. The correct form of the function appears in the following py file (count_words.py). Please update your skeleton accordingly.
PY count_words.py

13/1 11:55: Dilation is the diff between the dilated image and the segmented image (not the original image, as writen in the text of the question). All the execution examples are correct.


Grades are in moodle.

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