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HW sheets

Number Published Due Problem set additional files comments
1 4 Mar 18 Mar PDF no additional files for this HW
2 18 Mar 8 Apr PDF PY skeleton2.py skeleton.py updated 19/3 21:00 (error fixed in test)

Q2: Formally you are only requested to give the numeric results in the doc/docx/pdf file. However, you are encouraged to include also a screenshot of the code in that file. This way, if your answers are incorrect, you will still get some points (assuming the code is correct).
3 8 Apr 22 Apr PDF PY skeleton3.py
4 22 Apr 6 May PDF
PY skeleton4.py HW sheet (pdf) updated 23 April 13:30 Refresh the page if you already downloaded it.
5 6 May 23 May PDF PY skeleton.py
PF_C5.txt PF_C6.txt
pdf and py files updated 8/5 16:00 with these corrections:
Q1: Changed the name of the permutation parity/sign function to perm_parity and minarg/argmin to argmin.
Q2: Changed the order of time and points in the missions list to match that of the .py file.
Q2a: Gave better definitions of the function arguments that can be used when writing the mathematical expression.

Q2c: Removed the function choose_two. There is no 'c' clause.
6 22 May 6 June PDF
PY skeleton6.py

Q4_texts.zip Q5_ciphers.zip
7 6 Jun 23 June PDF
PY skeleton_7.py (updated 9.6)


image.jpg - deep space image taken by Hubble space telescope in 2004


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