General Information 2013a


Location and Hours

Please check the course schedule.


Instructors:|ynneb#rohC ynneB .forP [Homepage]
moc.liamg|1hctued.leinad#hctueD leinaD .rD
Teaching Assistants:|rrima#nietsnibuR rimA
moc.liamg|stpunhs#kcotsnieW madA
moc.liamg|bbnali#tassaB-neB nalI
HW checker:|nehcrifo#nehC rifO

Office Hours

Benny: coordinate via email
Daniel: coordinate via email
Amir: coordinate via email
Adam: coordinate via email
Ilan: coordinate via email



Based on final exam (70-80%) and homework assignments (30-20%).

Home Assignments

Homework submission is in singles. A HW sheet will be published every 2 weeks (meaning a total of about 7 sheets), each consisting of practical and theoretical assignments.
The homework portion of the grade is determined by the the weighted average of the best $n-1$ out of $n$ problem sets.
In order to pass the course you must pass the exam and get a passing grade (at least 60) in at least $n-1$ out of $n$ problem sets.
More info in the HW guidlines.


The lectures given by Prof. Benny Chor at the 2012 fall senester (or, at least, most of them) are on YouTube:
However, bare in mind that these may be different from the lectures of our semester.


Text Books

There is currently no textbook for the course. We may write one :)

Some useful system information

how to open an account
working with linux

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