General Information


Location and Hours

Please check the course schedule.


Instructor:|ynneb#rohC ynneB .forP [Homepage]
Teaching Assistant:|dohinar#doH inaR

Feel free to coordinate reception hours with Benny and/or Rani via email.



Based on final exam (70-80%) and homework assignments (30-20%).

Home Assignments

Homework submission is in singles or pairs. There will be a total of $n$ problem sets ($7\leq n\leq 9$), consisting of practical and theoretical assignments.
The homework portion of the grade is determined by the the weighted average of best $n-2$ out of $n$ problem sets.


The lectures (or, at least, most of them) are on YouTube as of March 16, 2012


Text Books

There is currently no textbook for the course. We may write one :)

Recommended books

Under construction…

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