Course Schedule (Fall 2011/2012)

Weekday Regular Schedule

Group Type Hours Location
01 Lecture Sun 14-16
Wed 10-12
Dan David 001
02 Recitation Mon 10-12 Schreiber 006
03 Recitation Tue 10-12 Schreiber 006

Tentative Course Schedule

Week # Starts on Class Topics Recitation Topics
1 Oct 30 Adminstrivia. Python basics. Conditional statements. Iteration: for and while. Iterating over ranges, lists, and strings. Python basics.
2 Nov 6 Functions. Mutable and immutable objects. Python's memory model. Equality vs. identity. Tuples vs. lists. Call by reference. Side effects of function call. Integers: different representations, arithmetic operations. More Python basics. Balloons model.
3 Nov 13 Measuring time complexity. O notation. Integer exponentiation and modular exponentiation. Fermat little theorem. Randomized primality testing. Diffie-Hellman secret key exchange. Base conversion. Sets and dictionaries.
4 Nov 20 Integer GCD, Euclid's algorithm, and its proof of correctness, via an invariant. Sequential search and binary search. User defined classes in Python: A gentle introduction to object oriented programming. Recursion: Definition and examples. Factorial, Fibonacci numbers, quick sort. Strong primes. Binary GCD.
5 Nov 27 Recursion: Quicksort. Towers of Hanoi. Problems with naive recursion in Fibonacci numbers. Memoization, replacing recursion by iteration, and solving using constant memory. Finding moves in towers of Hanoi: binary search in a huge space. Tail recursion. Lambda expressions. High order functions. OOP basics.
6 Dec 4 Numeric derivatives and integrals. An iterative solution to the Hanoi Monster problem. Numeric computations: Finding roots of real valued functions via the Newton-Raphson iteration. Floating point numbers. Median calculation. More on OOP.
7 Dec 11 Floating point numbers vs. unbounded precision rational numbers. The dictionary problem (insert; delete; find). Hash functions and hash tables. Resolving collisions using chaining.
8 Dec 18 Cuckoo hashing. Characters, ascii and unicode. Exact sequence comparison - three approaches to string matching: Naive; Randomized (Karp-Rabin); Deterministic, based on deterministic finite automata (DFAs).
9 Dec 25 Iteratables, iterators, generators. Crash introduction to digital image representation and processing.
10 Jan 1 Introduction to error correction and error detection codes. Hamming distance and the induced geometry.
11 Jan 8 More error correction codes. Closest codeword decoding. The volume bound. Hamming (7,4,3) code: Encoding and decoding. Carrier Network & Router Architecture, a guest lecture by Eyal Dagan (no video taping!).
12 Jan 15 Text compression: Fixed length and variable length codes. Prefix free codes. Huffman code
13 Jan 22 Text compression: Ziv-Lempel. Inexact sequence comparisons and alignments. Dynamic programming.
14 Jan 29 Edit distance. Global and local alignment. Secret sharing and visual secret sharing.
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